baccarat200ml| Big news! Apple and OpenAI have reached a partnership, and iOS 18 will introduce generative AI capabilities

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News on May 27thBaccarat200mlAccording to Bloomberg reporter Mark Goolman, Apple has reached an agreement with artificial intelligence company OpenAI to introduce a series of generative AI features into this year's iOS 18 system.

It is reported that Apple is in a series of negotiations with Google to use Google's Gemini as an alternative to iOS.

Apple plans to formally announce a partnership agreement with OpenAI at the upcoming WWDC 2024, when an improved Siri voice assistant is expected to be released, according to Gurman.

Here is an overview of Apple's upcoming AI features:

Voice memo transcription: Apple will add a larger recording button that allows users to convert the recording to text through the voice-to-text function.

Memo application upgrade: memo application will support recording audio and summarize voice content into readable text summaries.

Email / SMS improvements: improved email and SMS features to support automatic generation of reply content and emoticons based on context.

Safari Web Eraser function: added "Web Eraser" function, which allows users to delete specific parts of the web page to improve privacy protection.

Spotlight search capabilities are improved: providing a faster and more reliable search experience.

Siri interactive chat improvement: improve the Siri of iOS/watchOS platform to make interaction more natural.

Intelligently organize notifications: intelligently organize notifications missed by users to enhance user experience.

Photo function improvement: added "Clean Up" function, users can use the brush tool to delete specific objects in the photo.

baccarat200ml| Big news! Apple and OpenAI have reached a partnership, and iOS 18 will introduce generative AI capabilities

Recently, it was revealed that Apple is finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to introduce some of the latter's technology to iPhone this year, according to media reports quoted by the Daily Business Daily. As a result, Apple will be able to provide "chatbots" supported by ChatGPT as part of the artificial intelligence feature in iOS 18. However, the details of the above features and integration are still unknown. In addition, the report quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple also negotiated with Google to license Gemini chat robots.

Canalys analyst Kieren Jessop told reporters that Apple has been negotiating with companies such as Google and OpenAI to discuss the collaboration and integration of AI functions. Apple's first big foray into generative AI is likely to be at next month's WWDC, which will improve features such as Siri, Journal and their development toolkits. "it is reported that Apple will provide some AI functions this year through data centers equipped with its own processors, as part of Apple's efforts to inject AI into its devices."

In addition, an analysis of a brokerage analyst, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, "at present, the way ChatGPT is loaded on mobile phones is in the form of APP, so overseas iPhone users want to use ChatGPT to download APP directly, so the content of the cooperation between the two sides can be further optimized by Apple's own Siri voice assistant. In this way, domestic users can use a variety of chat and other functions even without downloading ChatGPT, and based on the accumulation of OpenAI in the field of AI, Apple will also enhance its competitiveness in the field of intelligent interaction and shorten the research and development cycle.

In fact, in the face of fierce competition for AI technology, the cooperation between Apple and OpenAI gives people reason to expect a smarter and more interactive Siri, which may also be an important step for Apple to consolidate its leading position in the global technology field.

At present, some specific end-side AI function use cases include hardware optimization. AI can help the operating system to optimize battery life or camera imaging according to user behavior or scenario.Baccarat200mlIn image and video editing, besides eliminating objects and smart matting, users can also take advantage of AI-driven functions to get more desirable photos and a better video editing experience, such as automatic color correction and background replacement, etc.; in terms of content summaries, AI will be able to extract content from long pieces in various formats (for example, audio, video, email attachments) to generate concise summaries.

The brokerage analyst said, "at present, the AI applications between the major manufacturers tend to be homogenized, Apple and OpenAI cooperation, what level can be achieved let us look forward to." In fact, the more idealized function that manufacturers expect is that AI assistant can be deeply integrated into the operating system, have the ability to understand and predict user needs, and then provide support for seamless cross-application services.

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