freedailyspinsnodeposit| Huajian Medical's intraday changes, its share price rose 5.93% to HK$1.250 in early trading

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At 10:00 in the morning on May 27, 2024, Huajian Medical ( Stocks fluctuated, with stock prices rising rapidly by 5%freedailyspinsnodeposit.93%。As of press time, the stock was trading at HK$1.250/share, with a trading volume of 64,000 shares, a turnover rate of 0.00%, and an amplitude of 5.93%.

In terms of funds, the inflow of funds from this stock was HK$64,740 and the outflow was HK$3570.

Recent financial report data shows that the stock achieved operating income of HK$3.408 billion, net profit of HK$263 million, earnings per share of HK$0.19, gross profit of HK$741 million, and a P/E ratio of 6.44 times.

In terms of institutional ratings, there are currently no institutions making "buy, hold, sell" recommendations on the stock.

Among the medical equipment and supplies industry where Huajian Medical shares are located, the overall decline was 0.06%. Among the related stocks, Huajian Medical, Gaoshi Medical, and Yeju Medical increased significantly. The related stocks with large amplitudes were Xinxintong Medical-B, Zhiyun Health, and Xianjian Technology, with amplitudes of 5.77%, 5.48%, and 4.62%, respectively.

Introduction to Huajian Medical Companyfreedailyspinsnodeposit: Huajian Medical Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company mainly engaged in selling in vitro diagnostic products (IVD). The company's distribution business is mainly engaged in the sale of IVD analyzers and IVD reagents andfreedailyspinsnodepositHe consumables and so on. The company's private-label products business is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of private-label IVD products. The company also provides repair services for its own products.

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freedailyspinsnodeposit| Huajian Medical's intraday changes, its share price rose 5.93% to HK.250 in early trading