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Hold the "bull's nose" of independent innovationVietnamfootballseagamesSeeking breakthroughs in key technologies is the key for enterprises in traditional industries to make a magnificent turn and move forward to the middle and high end of the industrial chain

Support to connect with the mobile operating system, with map navigation, heart rate monitoring and other functions, such a bike is very fashionable? Not long ago, at the 32nd China International Bicycle Exhibition, intelligent electric bicycles attracted a large number of visitors and became one of the most popular bicycle products for overseas buyers.

Once upon a time, bicycles and watches, sewing machines and radios were called "four big things", which were precious things in many people's homes.VietnamfootballseagamesHow many years of memory. Today, the traditional bicycle industry is not only not out of date, but also opens up a new track to enter the international market. Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, China exported 1099 of bicycles.VietnamfootballseagamesAmong them, electric bicycles are a big bright spot. Some emerging domestic electric bicycle brands have set up overseas sales headquarters and R & D centers. The strong momentum of going out to sea and the surging vitality of innovation have become a vivid portrayal of the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of China's "two rounds" industry.

In terms of appearance, the structure of the electric bicycle is similar to that of the traditional bicycle, but it is equipped with a power system with a sensor as the core, a motor and a lithium battery, which is less labor-saving than ordinary bicycles while keeping the fun of cycling. It is also lighter than traditional electric cars. In some places with many mountains and forests or ramps, it will be more difficult to ride ordinary bicycles, but electric bicycles can better solve this pain point, so that more people can enjoy the fun of green travel. Because of this, despite the relatively high price, overseas consumers' enthusiasm for electric bicycles is still high. From this point of view, green and low-carbon development provides new opportunities for traditional industries. Only by seizing the opportunity and opening up the track can we occupy the advantage and win the initiative in the fierce market competition.

Innovation is the source of power to lead the development and realization of "corner overtaking". The output of bicycles in China accounts for more than 70% of the global market share, but for a period of time, problems such as "sticking neck" of core components such as transmissions and "too many but not strong brands" have plagued the bicycle industry. Speeding up innovation on the electric and intelligent track has become the starting point for many bicycle companies to seek a "breakthrough". Some break the monopoly of foreign enterprises, make breakthroughs in the research and development of torque sensors, and become one of the few enterprises in the world to master this technology; some focus on artificial intelligence technology and learn cyclists' riding habits through built-in software. independently adjust the output of the motor system and transmission, so that cycling more labor-saving, longer mileage. Holding the "bull's nose" of independent innovation and seeking breakthroughs in key technologies is the key for enterprises in traditional industries to turn around and move forward to the middle and high end of the industrial chain.

Learn to swim while swimming. From the "old three" such as clothing, furniture and household appliances to gain a firm foothold and consolidate their advantages in the global industrial changes, to the "new three" represented by electric manned cars, lithium-ion batteries and solar cells, which are popular all over the world with new technologies, and then domestic electric bicycles and heating equipment are favored by the international market, every case enlightens us: persist in development in opening up and grow in competition. Dare to fight the wind and waves in the vast sea of the international market in order to continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The market is rapidly changing, but consumers' pursuit of high-quality products and life has never changed. Transformation and upgrading is not easy, but after the wind and rain, the rainbow is particularly beautiful. More Chinese enterprises are not afraid of wind and rain, chopping waves, anchoring the personalized needs of the international market, raising the sail of innovation, will be able to better benefit global consumers with high-quality supply.

vietnamfootballseagames| Why are electric bicycles favored by overseas buyers