enjinblockchaingames| Apple CEO Cook: First-time users of Vision Pro often feel 'emotionally touched'

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Apple's spatial computing headset Vision Pro made its debut at the WWDC conference last year, and was later released in the U.S. market for up to US$3499 (IT Home Notes: Currently about 25368 yuan).

On May 25 local time, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted on social media X that users who use Vision Pro for the first time often feel "emotionally touched":"Vision Pro benefits from our design and engineering team's breakthrough results over the years. The impact is so profound that people often feel emotionally moved when they first try it. I have witnessed this with my own eyes. Congratulations to the Apple design team for winning this honor."

enjinblockchaingames| Apple CEO Cook: First-time users of Vision Pro often feel 'emotionally touched'

Cook's response came when the global nonprofit organization Design and Art Directors Association (D&AD) awarded Apple a Black Pencil in recognition of its visionOS operating system's outstanding achievements in digital design. The Black Pencil Award is the highest level in a series of awards awarded by D&AD.enjinblockchaingamesHis award categories also include the Wood Pencil Award, the Graphite Pencil Award and the Yellow Pencil Award.

The organization has been awarding Pencil Awards since 1962 and said the Black Pencil Award "is awarded only to groundbreaking works." Only a very small number of works, and possibly no works, receive this honor every year."

Vision Pro is expected to launch in more countries later this year, but its popularity seems to have subsided after the hype at the beginning of its release. Apple analyst Kuo Ming-chi previously claimed that Apple has lowered shipments of Vision Pro.