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With the latest financial results of Nvidia, electromagnetic shielding concept stocks have become the focus of the market. In the past two days, shares of Longyang Electronics and Walter have risen by the daily limit, while stocks such as Zhengye Technology, Alaide and Fei Rongda have risen sharply.

The A-share electromagnetic shielding film concept stock market closed on May 24.

What exactly is electromagnetic shielding? Why did Nvidia bring the electromagnetic shielding concept stock again?

When electronic components work, capacitors and other components form an electric field, inductors and other components form a magnetic field, which will stimulate electromagnetic waves. uselessRetroarcadegamesonlineThe electromagnetic wave will induce interference with the electrical signals of the components themselves or other electronic components. Electromagnetic shielding product is a kind of electronic material used to reduce useless electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic radiation, which is very important to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

At the Global Technology Conference (GTC) in March, Nvidia unveiled a new super chip GB200 based on Blackwell architecture, as well as a new flagship large server DGX GB200 (also known as NVL72 rack server). Copper cable is used inside the NVL72 rack server to complete the connection of components. High-speed connection of copper cable has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption and easy maintenance, but it is easily affected by electromagnetic interference, which greatly increases the market demand of electromagnetic shielding products.

Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun said on a recent earnings call that products based on Blackwell architecture have been in production for some time and are expected to be shipped in the second quarter of this year, increase production in the third quarter, and enter customers' data centers in the fourth quarter.

After carrying the concept stocks such as high-speed copper connection and glass substrate packaging technology, Nvidia also took the A-share electromagnetic shielding concept stock.

Minsheng Securities said that in the fierce competition of AI servers, if it can not effectively resist electromagnetic interference, it will shorten the service life of products, increase additional costs, and even affect the progress of research and development and the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the application of electromagnetic shielding materials in copper interconnected AI servers becomes very important.

China Post Securities said that Nvidia GB200 demand is higher than expected, the core incremental copper high-speed interconnection AI PC faces electromagnetic interference. Under the wave of copper interconnection introduced into AI server, electromagnetic shielding material is the core expectation difference. In the past, the discussion on electromagnetic shielding materials in the market mostly focused on the pull of AI PC demand, and the pull of electromagnetic shielding materials by AI servers will bring huge increment, which is the core expectation difference caused by the interconnection of GB200 track and copper.

In terms of market scale, according to the Global EMI electromagnetic shielding Film Market report 2023-2029 released by the QYResearch research team, it is expected that the global EMI electromagnetic shielding film market will reach 2% in 2029.Retroarcadegamesonline.30 million US dollars.

At present, in the international market, the electromagnetic shielding field has formed a relatively stable market competition pattern. Laird (American Laird Electronic Materials Group) and Chomerics (American Gumei) are the main players in the market. China started relatively late in the field of electromagnetic shielding, driven by the huge market demand, the number of production enterprises has increased rapidly in recent years, a small number of enterprises gradually have the ability to independently develop and produce middle and high-end products, can provide electromagnetic shielding related application solutions.

In response to the concerns of investors, a number of electromagnetic shielding concept stocks also recently disclosed the relevant progress of the electromagnetic shielding material business.

Zhengye Technology replied to investors in Interactive on May 24th that Nanchang Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the R & D and production of FPC substrate and functional film products, including FCCL, covering film, electromagnetic shielding film, PI reinforcement board and so on.

According to the Great Wall Securities Research report, Longyang Electronics has been deeply involved in the field of consumer electronics for many years, and has mastered many core technologies, such as wound vacuum magnetron sputtering and composite coating technology, and flexible shielding materials, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with well-known contract manufacturers such as Foxconn, Quanta, Compal, Pegatron, and Yingyeda.

Walter shares in Interactive easy said that the company can provide high-frequency communications industry customers to meet high-speed signal transmission, electromagnetic shielding, LDS processing, thermal management, lightweight and other functional requirements of polymer materials. The company will continue to strengthen product and market development efforts.

Zhongshi Technology disclosed that since its inception, the company has focused on the research and development of EMI shielding material research platform, power filter specialized electrical research platform, EMC evaluation platform and reliability evaluation platform, and has a series of advanced systems and equipment, with the ability of electromagnetic compatibility research and development, testing and issuing integrated solutions. The company's EMI shielding materials (conductive rubber materials, conductive cloth gaskets, waterproof breathable valves, FIP, absorbing materials, etc.) and power filter products are widely used in base stations, servers, smart homes and other subdivided terminal equipment in data center, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other industries.

retroarcadegamesonline| Nvidia, a new concept for A-shares

Fangbang disclosed that the company's electromagnetic shielding film, thin film resistors and other products are mainly used in the field of consumer electronics, directly downstream customers for the major circuit board manufacturers. The company's electromagnetic shielding film business is currently carrying out related work to promote new terminal certification. In addition, Gongda Electronics said that the company has electromagnetic shielding technology, products are widely used in consumer communications equipment, automotive and industrial equipment and other fields.