80jilicom| Jiang Tiehong, director of "Internet celebrity", leads the entire network to "gallop together" in the live broadcast room

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On the evening of May 23rd, a live broadcast with the theme of "Pentium Bar together" was successfully held in the attention and expectation of netizens. Professor Jiang Tiehong, dean of the Dance School of the Central University for nationalities, who has recently become popular all over the network, was specially invited to serve as the guest anchor. Through the wonderful display and interpretation of folk dance, it ignited the enthusiasm of the whole network for the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Further forge a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation.

80jilicom| Jiang Tiehong, director of "Internet celebrity", leads the entire network to "gallop together" in the live broadcast room

Behind the explosion of Pentium, the return of the value of traditional classics

The live broadcast kicked off at 19:30. Jiang Tiehong and the students reappeared the dance "out of the circle" and "Pentium". The passionate dance and enthusiastic performance quickly ignited the atmosphere in the studio. Only ten minutes after the broadcast, more than 300,000 netizens poured in to watch.

Jiang Tiehong cordially interacted with netizens, sharing the behind-the-scenes story of the "out-of-the-circle" dance and her feelings after the explosion.80jilicomIn a humble and humorous way, he expressed his surprise, pressure and sense of responsibility for the new identity of "Internet celebrity". He also deeply interpreted the cultural significance behind Pentium to netizens.

The dance "Pentium" is a classic Mongolian male group dance work full of vitality and national characteristics, which has gone through 40 years of brilliant history since its premiere. The dance was choreographed by Ma Yue, a Hui teacher from the Dance School of the Central University for nationalities. Jiang Tiehong himself is Korean, and they have a deep understanding of Mongolian culture and high respect for Chinese traditional culture. Over the past 40 years, Pentium, as a classic dance, has been passed down from generation to generation among teachers and students of all ethnic groups in the Dance School of the Central University for nationalities, and has been welcomed by the people of all ethnic groups throughout the country. It can be said that the dance "Pentium" itself is the crystallization of national unity and the concrete product of casting the consciousness of Chinese national community.

Jiang Tiehong shared the story of her dance career with netizens, which aroused the majority of netizens' resonance for the excellent art of Chinese dance and enhanced their cultural self-confidence. In the face of interesting discussions on dancing and weight loss on the Internet, Jiang Tiehong responded in a relaxed and witty way, expressing her view that "the value of dance is far more than the shape of the surface." netizens expressed strong agreement. Online like Jiang Tiehong.

The online "master class" started impromptu, and netizens recommended "Pentium" and "Spring Festival Gala".

During the live broadcast, Jiang Tiehong conducted the dance teaching of the wonderful passage of "Pentium", demonstrated the movements in person, explained the main points in detail, and led more than a dozen spectators and dance lovers in the studio to "dance together in the cloud" to experience the unique charm of folk dance. This link aroused strong interest from netizens, who commented that "there is a new dance in the square dance" and "it is a pleasure to watch the dean dance", and strongly recommended Dean Jiang Tiehong to step on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala to express her love and support for Jiang Tiehong's dance.

Subsequently, Jiang Tiehong staged an impromptu master class. Dance blogger @ Chunyu Rain_, Minda, a former online celebrity student, Jing Yu, who had more than 4 million Douyin fans, appeared in turn. President Jiang gave meticulous comments on the dance performances of the two young dancers, encouraging them to feel the story behind every action. Jiang Tiehong also performed impromptu at the request of netizens and danced along with the music "Chi Le Song", deducing the vastness and heroism of the Mongolian incisively and vividly, showing his profound heritage and open mind in the field of dance education. Talking about the emergence of more and more "cloud dancers" on the Internet in today's society, Dean Jiang Tiehong spoke highly of the contemporary young people's love and inheritance of traditional culture, saying that he would spare no effort to promote the popularization and innovation of folk dance and let it go to the world.

The mysterious guests helped to dance, and the visual feast showed the blending of culture.

With a series of live surprises, three star teachers from the Dance School of the Central University for nationalities appeared as mysterious guests, pushing the live broadcast atmosphere to the most exciting part, presenting a visual feast for the audience.

First of all, Gurimina, an ambassador of positive energy for national unity and a young dance artist, performed an elegant and moving Uzbek dance "Lerzane" with her exquisite dance skills. Then, Li Meijing, a young dancer, amazed the four seats with a Mongolian dance "Hong Yan", showing the vastness of the prairie and the free soaring of wild geese. Zhao Song, the creator of dance works, showed the extreme tenderness and strength with the Dai dance "Peacock Dancer". The wonderful performance of the three guests not only fully demonstrated the unique charm of national dance, but also an important embodiment of cultural exchanges and exchanges among various ethnic groups.

Zhao Songgeng admitted for the first time in the live broadcast that he was the "driving force" behind Jiang Tiehong's "Internet celebrity road" unwittingly. At that time, it was at the rehearsal scene of a special evening show at the Dance School of the Central University for nationalities. Dean Jiang went to the rehearsal room to review the program and saw the male group dance "Pentium". The students jumped halfway, and the instructor thought they were not good enough to stop. Let Dean Jiang show it to the students. Zhao Song recorded a video of Jiang Tiehong dancing and uploaded it to Douyin, and there was a "Pentium" video of "out of the circle".

The whole network danced "Pentium", and netizens praised Chinese traditional culture.

At the end of the live broadcast, Jiang Tiehong invited guests to dance "Pentium" with the audience, putting a perfect end to the live broadcast.

According to statistics, the live broadcast attracted more than 2.05 million viewers to watch online, the response was enthusiastic, triggered extensive discussion, and many netizens were even more enthusiastic. The beauty of China, the way of the United States and China, let the blood of excellent Chinese culture flow in everyone's heart. This live broadcast of "Pentium together" is not only a soul-shaking and artistic experience, but also an affectionate tribute to the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

It is reported that the Daozhong Culture and publicity platform will continue to carry out live activities of "Pentium together" and invite well-known music and dance experts into the studio to inherit and carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture. At 19:30 on May 25th, Jiang Tiehong and the Dance School of the Central University for nationalities will bring a wonderful "Dance Academy works performance Gala". Dao Zhonghua will have a full live broadcast. Welcome to follow and enjoy.

(editor: Cheng Yan)