cyberpunkcrash| SDIC Anxin Weekly Review|| Stainless steel prices are on the strong side, and demand limits market transactions

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cyberpunkcrash| SDIC Anxin Weekly Review|| Stainless steel prices are on the strong side, and demand limits market transactions

Core ideas:

Stainless steel prices are running strongly this week, the overall trading atmosphere in the week is slightly better than last week, the overall digestibility of the lower reaches is general, the social treasury has rebounded slightly, traders' inventory is OK, the price at the end of raw materials is strong, and the production profits of steel mills have rebounded. Scheduling is still at a high level, with sufficient pre-inventory. In the follow-up, we mainly pay attention to the speed of the removal of the social treasury and the production scheduling of steel mills, and pay attention to the delivery rhythm of steel mills. It is expected that the future stainless steel concussion operation.

Stainless steel viewpoint:

Stainless steel futures prices were strong this week, and the overall trading activity increased significantly during the week, especially at the end of Wednesday, when the volume and prices of the main contracts rose violently, and the spot price followed, and the market received a boost. The overall position was not large during the week, and the position rose significantly on Wednesday, but it also fell back on Thursday, the current stainless steel price is at a high level, and the market attitude is still slightly cautious. The main contract in the stainless steel market closed at 14640 this week, a weekly increase of 1.Cyberpunkcrash.88%, the highest price of the week is 14905.

In the spot market, the spot price of stainless steel has increased this week, and as futures prices have risen in the middle of the week, spot prices have also risen, and prices have continued to rise, but the overall transaction performance is relatively general, even if the market buys up but does not buy down. but the overall willingness of traders to replenish goods in the context of high prices is still low. Swim under the background of off-seasonCyberpunkcrashThe performance of the consumer demand side is light, purchasing on demand. The inventory of the market has increased again, the supply of goods is not tight, and the steel mills continue to distribute goods during the week, the overall inventory digestion is relatively slow, and merchants are more cautious in purchasing. At present, the spot circulation resources are more sufficient, the specifications are more complete, the inventory is OK, and the current downstream sales pressure still exists. The price of raw materials is strong, but the willingness of steel mills to purchase raw materials is low. With the rise of stainless steel prices, the profits of steel mills continue to improve, and steel mills continue to maintain high production schedule, and there will be arrival pressure in the future. Stainless steel still has a certain support in the short term, and the macro background is warmer, which will eventually be implemented in the downstream digestibility, so the future should pay attention to the pressure on the supply side caused by the arrival of steel mills, the change of social treasury and the warming degree of downstream demand.

Last week, the inventory of stainless steel registered warehouse receipts increased by 4438 to 174824 tons compared with the previous week. The number of warehouse orders has increased significantly this week, warehouse receipt resources have brought greater pressure on market inventory, the market digestion capacity is limited, and the speed of inventory elimination is slow.

To sum up, stainless steel prices are running strongly this week, production profits of steel mills are improving, scheduling is still high, the overall trading atmosphere of the market is general, the performance of consumer demand in the lower reaches of the off-season is also general, and the overall digestion capacity is limited. there is a small increase in the market pool, and the inventory of agents and traders is OK, and the subsequent increase of base pressure with the arrival of steel mills. The current price is high, the downstream replenishment will is not strong, the market attitude is relatively cautious. The future demand side needs to pay continuous attention to the digestibility of the social treasury, and track the changes in the planned production schedule of steel mills, and pay attention to the arrival of steel mills. It is expected that the future stainless steel concussion operation.


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