roulettey8| What is the Yinglang oil pump relay number?

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During car repair and maintenanceroulettey8roulettey8It is very important to understand the specific parts and components of the vehicle. For Buick Hideo owners or service technicians, mastering the specific number of the oil pump relay will help quickly locate problems and carry out effective maintenance. This article will introduce in detail relevant information about Yinglang oil pump relays to help you better understand and deal with possible problems.

First of all, oil pump relays play a vital role in automotive electrical systems. It is mainly responsible for controlling the work of the oil pump to ensure that the fuel system can supply oil normally, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the engine. In Buick Yinglo models, the number of the oil pump relay is usually determined based on the specific model and year of the vehicle.

Yinglang oil pump relay number query

In order to find the correct oil pump relay number, you need to consult Buick Hideo's official service manual or contact a professional auto parts supplier. Typically, this information can be found in the vehicle's repair manual or in a professional auto parts database via the vehicle identification number (VIN).

The following is a simple table listing some common Yinglang oil pump relay numbers, but please note that this information may vary by model and year:

Model year Oil pump relay number 2015 1319749 2016 1319749 2017 1319749 2018 1319749

Please note that the above numbers are for reference only and should be verified according to the specific conditions of the vehicle during actual use.

roulettey8| What is the Yinglang oil pump relay number?

When replacing oil pump relays, it is recommended to choose original factory or equivalent quality replacements to ensure the stability and safety of the electrical system. At the same time, correct operating procedures should be followed during the replacement process to avoid unnecessary losses or safety hazards.

In short, understanding and correctly identifying the number of Yinglang oil pump relays is crucial to maintaining the normal operation of the vehicle. By consulting official materials or consulting professionals, you can ensure that you get accurate information to effectively resolve related issues.

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