slotgamesthatpayrealmoneynodeposit| Be vigilant! This month, nearly 50 listed companies "wore hats", and ST Texin hit 9 daily limits. A list of the reasons behind the implementation of ST or *ST

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Financial Associated Press, May 26 (Editor Li Chen) once listed companies are "wearing a hat", especially by * ST, they often face a relatively high risk of delisting. After the new delisting rules are formally implemented on January 1, 2025, the delisting risk probability of such enterprises will be further increased. Since May, the number of listed companies listed by ST or * ST has increased significantly. According to Choice and Wind data, 46 listed companies were "hooded" in just 16 days from May 6 to May 21.

Among them Guorui Technology, Zhongtai Chemical, Shilong Industrial, Special Information, Huijin shares, Straits Innovation, Jiangsu Sunshine, Colida, Zhengtong Electronics, Dumas shares, Pioneer New Materials, Gaohong shares, Fortis Information, Huawei Electronics, Qinghai Spring, Guizhou Bering, Yili Jianneng, Baili Technology, Aikang Technology, Oriental Fashion, contact interaction, Yangtze River Health, New Fiber New Materials, Tianbang Foods, Yongyue Technology, 27 listed companies, including Xinzhi Cognition and Infineto, have gone from not being warned of any risks to being ST For details, please see the following figure:

In addition, 19 listed companies, including Yaxing bus, Longyu, Yinjiang Technology, Kaiyuan Education, Weidi, Long John Pharmaceutical, Tianchuang Fashion, Aonong Biology, Jingfeng Medicine, Zhong run Resources, Ba'an Water, Hengli Industrial, Helitai, Hongtao, Shanghai Yilian, Science and Technology Navigation, Chaohua Technology, MeiJim and Boxin, further deteriorated from risk-free warning to * ST. The specific reasons for the implementation are as follows:

Main business is cable manufacturing, optoelectronic manufacturing, science and technology integration, intelligent service industry research and development of special information announcement on May 12, the company received the China Securities Regulatory Commission Shenzhen Regulatory Administration issued by the "Administrative punishment and market ban notice in advance." The notice shows that the annual report of special information has been falsely recorded for five consecutive years. At the same time, a number of former executives of the company, including the former chairman, intend to be fined up to 4 million yuan, and are proposed to be banned from the capital market for up to 10 years. As a result, the special message will be suspended for one day on May 13 and resume trading on May 14. Other risk warnings have been implemented on the company's stock since the opening of the market. The abbreviation of the company's stock has been changed from "special message" to "St special letter (rights protection)". The stock trading day is limited to 5%. It is worth noting that ST WeChat shares have fallen by the daily limit for nine consecutive trading days from May 14 to Friday's close.

Guorui Science and Technology, whose main products are ship power distribution system and ship engine room automation system, announced on May 19 that the company received a written decision on administrative penalty for participating in financial fraud in the private network communication business led by Sui Tianli. At the same time, Guorui Technology was given other risk warnings. Guorui Technology shares will be suspended for one day on Monday, and trading will resume on Tuesday and other risk warnings will be implemented. The short name of the stock will be changed from "Guorui Technology" to "ST Rico (activist)". Sino-Thai Chemical, which also suspended trading on Monday, also received administrative penalty decisions and other risk warnings on Friday for reasons such as financial fraud and the occupation of shareholders' funds. Sino-Thai Chemical, which owns the two main companies in the chlor-alkali chemical industry and viscose textile industry, resumed trading on Tuesday and was given other risk warnings. The short name of the stock was changed from "Sino-Thai Chemical" to "ST Zhongtai (protecting Rights)". The daily rise or fall limit of stock trading is 5%. ST Zhongtai and ST Ruike both resumed trading on Tuesday after the announcement was suspended by ST for one trading day, and both of them had no suspense, among which ST Ruike was 20cm. Among them, by the close of trading on Friday, ST Zhongtai has fallen by the limit for four consecutive trading days.

Shanghai Yilian, a modern printing equipment enterprise, announced on April 29 that the company's shares would be delisted because Lixin Zhonglian Accounting firm (Special General Partnership) issued the "2023 Annual Audit report" which could not be expressed. As a result of Lixin Zhonglian Accounting firm (Special General Partnership) issued a negative opinion of the "2023 Internal Control Audit report", the company's shares will be subject to other risk warnings. The company's shares will be suspended for one day from the opening of the market on April 30, 2024 and will resume trading on May 6, 2024. After the implementation, A-shares are referred to as * ST Yi Lian (safeguarding rights). It is worth noting that * ST Yi Lian shares fell by their daily limit for six consecutive trading days since May 6th. Over a longer period of time, * ST shares have fallen the most since the beginning of the year by 84%.Slotgamesthatpayrealmoneynodeposit.28%.

slotgamesthatpayrealmoneynodeposit| Be vigilant! This month, nearly 50 listed companies "wore hats", and ST Texin hit 9 daily limits. A list of the reasons behind the implementation of ST or *ST