atlegendspinball| Write a new chapter in the construction of a beautiful China

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Author: Shi Shoulin (Vice President and researcher of Jilin Academy of Social SciencesAtlegendspinballResearcher, Jilin Provincial Research Center for the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics

Realizing high-quality development is one of the essential requirements of Chinese-style modernization.AtlegendspinballPromoting green and low-carbon economic and social development is the key link to achieve high-quality development. Under the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, various departments have solidly promoted the construction of ecological civilization, adhered to the road of green, low-carbon and high-quality development, and constantly wrote a new chapter in building a beautiful China in a new era.

We will vigorously develop new productive forces and promote all-round green transformation of economic and social development. Green development is the background of high-quality development. New quality productivity has the characteristics of high-tech, high efficiency and high quality, which itself is green productivity. The development of new quality productive forces must adhere to the concept of green development, green and low-carbon requirements throughout the whole process of high-quality development and all aspects. We will speed up the promotion and application of green scientific and technological innovation and advanced green technology, develop green low-carbon industries and supply chains, and build a green and low-carbon circular economy system. We will strengthen technical support for ecological protection and restoration, urban and rural green infrastructure, and ecological agriculture, so that green technologies with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the international advanced level can lay a solid foundation for high-level science and technology to become self-reliant and self-reliant. Advocate green consumption and promote the formation of a green and low-carbon mode of production and way of life.

atlegendspinball| Write a new chapter in the construction of a beautiful China

Speed up the green transformation of the mode of development. We will adhere to green, circular and low-carbon development, promote the formation of industrial structure, mode of production, lifestyle and spatial pattern that conserve resources and protect the environment, and promote the coordination and unity of economic and social development and eco-environmental protection. We will speed up the construction of an industrial structure with high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution, greatly improve the degree of economic greening, and effectively reduce the cost of resources and environment for development. We will improve fiscal, taxation and financial policies that support green development, develop green and low-carbon industries, speed up the research and development of advanced technologies for energy conservation and carbon reduction, promote the transformation of innovative achievements, and support the transformation and development of industries.

We will speed up the construction of a green modern industrial system. Green transformation is an important part of the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial system. We will speed up the construction of a green manufacturing system and service system, increase the proportion of green and low-carbon industries in the total economy, and promote industrial intelligence, greening and integration. We will continue to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, promote the deep integration of industrial digitization, intelligence and greening, speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, green environmental protection industries, and modern service industries. We will vigorously develop industries such as modern equipment manufacturing, new materials, medicine and biology, energy conservation and environmental protection. We will accelerate the transformation of green energy, accelerate the development of wind power, photovoltaic power, hydropower, hydrogen and other green energy, and create a sustainable green energy supply system. We will promote the deep integration of emerging technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence with green and low-carbon industries and build a green manufacturing system.

Speed up the development of ecological economy. The concept of "two mountains" points out the direction for transforming resource advantages into development advantages. The location advantage of ice and snow resources in Northeast China is obvious, which can effectively take the development of ice and snow economy as a new growth point, and promote the development of the whole industry chain, such as ice and snow sports, ice and snow culture, ice and snow equipment, ice and snow tourism, etc. Rely on high-quality ecological resources, develop ecological agriculture, speed up the application of green production technology, strengthen environmental protection and governance of agricultural producing areas, and make use of the development advantages of agricultural industrial parks to extend the industrial chain, upgrade the value chain, and improve comprehensive benefits; promote the deep integration of "agricultural, cultural and cultural brigades and recreation", develop leisure agriculture, recreation and tourism, and promote rural revitalization.

Overall handle the relationship between high-quality development and high-level protection. High-quality development and high-level protection complement and complement each other. We must persist in developing in the course of protection, protect in the course of development, resolutely abandon the development model that damages or even destroy the ecological environment, firmly abandon the erroneous practice of sacrificing the ecological environment in exchange for temporary economic development, and constantly promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the mode of development, promote high-quality development with a high level of protection, and build a solid national ecological security barrier.

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