moonpatrol|董明珠、贾玲、何超琼入选“TopBrand 2024中国品牌女性500强”前三名

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Theme: 2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum

The "2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum" will be held in Beijing from May 25 to 26. Li Guangdou, vice chairman of the Brand Alliance Think Tank, brand consultant of CCTV, and well-known brand strategy expert, attended and released the "TopBrand 2024 Top 500 Chinese Brand Women".

"I ask everyone a soul torture, if you have a big familymoonpatrolYour career and wealth have been passed down to the handover time. Are you willing to hand it over to your son or daughter?" Li Guangdou said that big data shows that when it comes time to handover, the success rate of Chinese companies handing over the business to their daughters is a hundred times higher than that of those handing over to their sons.

"Whether it is the richest man in Shanxi or our Suning, there are still many such cases. Therefore, there are many squandered families and few squandered families. Zong Qinghou made the right choice. If Wang Fuqian did not have a naughty son, he would not be so miserable as he is now," Li Guangdou said.

On February 5 this year, Zong Qinghou, founder of Wahaha Group, one of the most well-known entrepreneurs after the reform and opening up, passed away due to illness at the age of 79. His only daughter, Zong Fuli, inherited the mantle and became chairman of Wahaha Group. Some media commented that Zong Qinghou's death caused stormy waves in public opinion and the capital market. Fortunately, Zong Fuli had worked in various business departments of Wahaha Group for many years before Zong Qinghou's death, before she could firmly steer Wahaha away from the center of the whirlpool.

Li Guangdou pointed out that women are more stable in entrepreneurship."Chinese female entrepreneurs account for 30% of the total number of entrepreneurs, but female entrepreneurs are very powerful in promoting the Chinese economy."

It is reported that Dong Mingzhu, Jia Ling and He Chaoqiong were selected as the top three in the "TopBrand 2024 Top 500 Chinese Brand Women".

moonpatrol|董明珠、贾玲、何超琼入选“TopBrand 2024中国品牌女性500强”前三名

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