lifebingo| What is the treatment method after a vehicle is scratched?

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In daily driving, scratching of vehicles is a common problem. It not only affects the appearance of the vehicle, but may also cause damage to the paint. Properly handling scratches can help car owners save maintenance costs while maintaining the appearance of the vehicle. The following is how to handle the vehicle after it is scratched.

1lifebingo. Assessing the extent of damage

First, car owners need to assess the severity of the scratch. Minor scratches may only affect the surface of the car paint, while severe scratches may have penetrated throughlifebingoThe paint layer toucheslifebingoThe metal part of the car body was removed. For minor scratches, car owners can consider handling them themselves; for serious scratches, it is recommended to seek professional car repair services.

2lifebingo. Clean the scraped area

Before handling scratches, the damaged area should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and impurities. Clean the scraped area with mild soapy water and a soft cloth, then rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. This step is crucial for subsequent restoration work, as a clean surface ensures better adhesion of the restoration material.

3. Self-repair minor scratches

For surface level minor scratches, car owners can purchase a car scratch repair kit on the market to repair them themselves. These sets usually include abrasive paste, touch-up pen and varnish. Follow the instructions in the product manual to gradually carry out the steps of grinding, touch-up and varnishing. This method is suitable for small areas and not deep scratches.

4. Seeking professional maintenance

If the scratch is deep or the area is large, it is recommended to send the vehicle to a professional car repair shop for processing. Professional technicians will use professional techniques such as polishing, filling, and painting to repair the scratch according to the specific conditions of the scratch. Professional repairs not only restore the appearance of the vehicle, but also prevent further corrosion caused by scratches.

5. preventive measures

In order to prevent the vehicle from being scratched again, car owners can take some precautions. For example, choose a safe location when parking and stay away from obstacles that may cause scratches; regularly wax the vehicle and add a protective layer of the vehicle paint; install body protective strips or use anti-scratch films.

In short, the treatment method after a vehicle is scratched depends on the severity of the scratch. Minor scratches can be handled by themselves, while serious scratches require professional maintenance services. Through correct handling and preventive measures, the impact of vehicle scratches can be effectively reduced.

lifebingo| What is the treatment method after a vehicle is scratched?