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On May 25th, some media reported that in view of the recent problem of employees signing in on behalf of the industry chain, JD.com 's internal investigation found that 1.Spicycasinonodepositbonus. 40,000 people find someone to sign in for them, and some employees sign in for nearly 100 days a year. The charge for signing in is 15 yuan, and one person can sign in for 20 people.

Against this background, Liu Qiangdong said bluntly at the senior management meeting a few days ago: "those who do not perform well for a long time and never work hard are not my brothers." At the same time, JD.com 's management reflectedSpicycasinonodepositbonusAfter making mistakes in the management of the company in the past few years, it is admitted that there is a "big enterprise disease" in the system of JD.com Group, and there are serious problems in management, especially in hard work.

In this regard, a reporter from the Securities Times e Company confirmed the above news from JD.com.

Recently, a series of changes have attracted attention, such as JD.com 's internal attendance adjustment, shortened lunch break, personnel optimization, "eight questions" and so on.

According to media reports, JD.com 's internal attendance adjustment is true, including the reduction of lunch break time from two hours to one hour, lunch break with lights on, and so on. The management of the adjustment department reflected on the mistakes in the management of the company in the past four or five years, and admitted that there was a "big enterprise disease" in the system of JD.com Group, and there were serious problems in management, especially in hard work. In recent years, JD.com is facing a fierce external competitive environment. JD.com 's growth rate has dropped seriously, while other Internet companies have implemented "11-11-6" attendance, and their performance has grown at a high speed.

Some people in the industry said that JD.com has been signing in for many years, from interns to regular employees and even a large number of sign-ins, so that they have to rectify the situation.

spicycasinonodepositbonus| "Not my brother!" Liu Qiangdong, rectify the workplace!

A JD.com employee said: "some employees sign in for nearly 100 days a year and get off work at 4 o'clock every day, but they get a full salary, and some interns don't even come for two months, but they cheat the company out of 15000 of their wages by punching in on their behalf. I heard that internal statistics show that the number of people signing in is nearly ten thousand times a month. "

JD.com did fire employees who had a serious sign-in phenomenon, as well as employees who had long-term poor performance but were unwilling to work hard and still did not improve their performance. The executive said that JD.com was very tolerant of employees, especially older employees. It is even said that JD.com won the "death-free gold medal" at the end of three years, and employees with poor performance and low willingness to fight were retained. " Said an executive at JD.com.

The executive and a number of employees believe that some employees are so lazy that they even come to work at 10:00 and leave work at 4pm for a long time. With this situation becoming more and more common, JD.com 's combat effectiveness has declined sharply, and another direct consequence of this situation is "Bad money drives out good". Many hardworking and hardworking employees choose to leave because of unfairness. The dismissals are a small number of employees with similar situations mentioned above, and there are no large-scale layoffs as a result of business adjustment.

It is worth mentioning that recently, some employees revealed that JD.com had issued eight notices listing various new assessment rules, among which Article 8 encouraged employees to report the phenomenon of not putting into work around them, causing an uproar. The JD.com executive said that the eight were all rumors. The company has reported the rumors to the police and received feedback this afternoon, and the public security organs have begun to file a case for investigation.

The executive said that due to loose and poor management in the past few years, the company has developed slowly in a fiercely competitive environment, its performance has fallen short of expectations, and there have been serious cultural problems in some major business sectors. as well as the long-term downturn in share prices, the current management action is to "mend the sheep after the sheep is lost". In the view of the executive, although the adjustment will go through labor pains, it will help to stimulate the enthusiasm of internal employees and provide a level playing field for employees and teams who are willing to fight.

Since the beginning of this year, JD.com 's business performance has maintained a steady growth trend. According to the quarterly report released by JD.com Group on the evening of May 16, JD.com Group achieved a total revenue of 260 billion yuan from January to March 2024, an increase of 7.0% over the same period last year, and its net profit under non-US GAAP was 8.9 billion yuan, an increase of 17.2% over the same period last year.

With regard to performance growth, Shan Yi, chief financial officer of JD.com Group, said that with the company focusing on implementation and achieving higher operating efficiency, the company had a sound financial performance in the first quarter, accelerated revenue growth, and maintained a healthy level of profits. in the meantime, the momentum of the company's daily department stores continues to pick up, mainly due to the strong recovery of the super category.

It is worth mentioning that close to JD.com 's "June 18" promotion, Liu Qiangdong personally "manipulated" the market. According to media reports, JD.com CEO Xu ran was supposed to be sitting at the front desk, but Liu Qiangdong chose to go deep into the front line, setting up an array in various WeChat groups, watching the group chat, and sending out his voice from time to time to put forward his own opinions and arrangements.

In this year's "June 18" promotion, JD.com also adopted a simplified promotion strategy and put forward the slogan of "good and cheap." It is reported that at 8: 00 p.m. on May 31, "JD.com June 18" will be officially launched. On May 24th, JD.com announced in advance the core methods of play and points of interest of "June 18". Welfare activities such as 10 billion subsidies at 8: 50 per night for grabbing big brands, president's live broadcast of popular styles starting from 1 yuan, and 9.9 free delivery at 8: 1 yuan per morning for 12 eggs will last throughout the "June 18" cycle.